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As Ireland’s premier facility management company, we work with both public and private sectors, with a comprehensive suite of services – tailored to your building’s requirements. 

At Brosnan Property Solutions we take an approach to property solutions with you at the forefront, with a dedication to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction. For top-notch solutions designed to optimise your property’s efficiency and performance, contact us today. 

About Brosnan’s

A Facilities Management Company for Public and Private Sectors

With our Public Sector Facilities, we play an important role in keeping a wide array of public sector locations operating efficiently, so civil servants can work in a clean and safe environment. We also manage county council buildings, ensuring the safety and cleanliness of these facilities for its residents. Alongside this, Brosnan Property Management Solutions also offers facility management for other council-owned properties, ensuring clean, working facilities for customers and visitors to use. We work with state owned and semi-state-owned entities such as local county councils, An Post, and the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA). 

We also work alongside private sector companies, offering services and solutions that integrate seamlessly with in-house operations. From construction project management to professional residential property management, we integrate our services with a location’s individual unique challenges. When you work with Brosnan Property Solutions, you can guarantee a flexible, efficient solution, tailored to you and your needs. 

Some of our Clients

Precision Management, Unparalleled Performance

Facility Management Services

Electrical Installations and Testing

We offer regular maintenance electrical work, to keep your building up-to-date and safe for businesses and tenants. We can also successfully undertake full installation projects. With a safety-first approach, our team is certified by Safe Electric and the RGI, ensuring the highest quality of electrical installation.

Mechanical Installations and Testing

Mechanical installation offers HVAC, fire safety solutions, piping systems, ventilation systems, clean room utilities, thermal oxidisers, exhaust management systems, and hygiene solutions. Our testing services offer in-depth mechanical examinations, helping you save cost, time, and potential damage.

HVAC Services

Our HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) services ensure that your building is kept heated during the winter, cool in the summer, and that air quality levels are maintained or improved indoors.

Portable Appliance Testing

We offer Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) both on-site or off-site. Routinely testing appliances like office machinery – i.e., computers, printers, and monitors – helps reduce the risk of electrical shock, and ensures that appliances are working as they should.

Intruder, Fire Alarm, and Emergency Lighting System

We offer full installation of all these systems, to ensure your property is kept secure. We can provide minor alterations and additions to existing intruder, fire alarm, and emergency lighting systems – tailoring the pre-existing system to your needs. In addition to this, we offer scheduled maintenance to the current IS standards.

Building Services Contracts

We keep your building maintained to the highest standards with Fire Risk assessments. We will provide internal lighting maintenance and repairs, to quickly rectify burnt-out bulbs or light fixtures. Our building maintenance services can maintain and repair external high-level street and estate lighting. Plus, if you need small works repairs to locks, doors, and other tailored services, we can assist you in this.

PA Systems

Our property management service offers a full installation and servicing of all audio and public address systems – from single stations to multi-function. We can also provide induction loop installations and servicing for hard of hearing personnel areas, or areas that require DDA compliance.

Closed Circuit Television Systems

Brosnan’s facility management services include full installation and servicing of all camera systems. From observation systems to full pan/tilt/zoom scenarios with off-site monitoring and control, we offer a solution tailored to your building’s requirements.

Door and Site Access

Our property management solutions include full installation and servicing of one-way intercom systems and equipment, as well as multitalk systems and panels. Brosnan also offers full installation and servicing of access control keypads, swipe cards, and proxy readers. Whether you have single door or multi-door computerised systems, we can assist in solutions tailored to your building.

Private Sector Facility Management

Discover additional details about our industry-focused teams and expertise tailored to private-sector needs. 

Ensuring seamless operations for corporate, financial, and professional services, with comprehensive cleaning, maintenance, security, and project management solutions.
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Prioritising student experience, through tailored education facility services including cleaning, security, maintenance, and project management solutions for institutions.
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Public Sector Facility Management

Discover additional details about our industry-focused teams and expertise tailored to public-sector needs. 

Healthcare Services
Supporting various healthcare facilities in Ireland on everything from full fit-out services to rapid response maintenance services.
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Specialised services for the aviation sector, encompassing cleaning, monitoring, and technical support.
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Technical Services Ireland

It’s Different with Brosnans

At Brosnan Property Solutions, our team members embrace a sense of ownership and take immense pride in their contributions to those we serve. These guiding principles steer them towards making the right decisions. Our team personally takes on the responsibility for the quality and outcomes of their work, approaching each task and environment with diligence and consideration.  

We use the latest innovation services, tailored to your unique needs. With top-notch solutions and technology at hand, we work to optimise your property’s efficiency and performance. 

Trust and Reliability

Brosnan Property Management Solutions offers quality and reliability when it comes to facility management companies in Ireland. We’ve been trusted to work with clients such as An Post, Affidea Ireland, Department of Children, Irish Guide Dogs, and DAA.

Client-First Mentality

We take a flexible and adaptable approach to meet the needs of each client. This means we build strong relationships with our clients and work hard to understand their specific needs. Understanding what our clients need is vital and our first port of call.

Total Facilities Management

Keeping lists of various contractors and tradespeople in Ireland can be cumbersome, which is why we provide clients with an easy solution all under one roof.

Technology and Facility Management

At Brosnan’s Property Solutions, we use the latest innovation services, tailored to your unique needs. With top-notch solutions and technology at hand, we work to optimise your property’s efficiency and performance. 

By using data analytics and AI algorithms, technology can enable predictive maintenance. Facility managers can anticipate potential failures, proactively schedule maintenance, and avoid expensive breakdowns by scrutinising equipment data and historical maintenance records.

Accreditations and Certifications

Case Study #1

Cork Airport | Aramark

Aramark needed a company that could conceptually design, fabricate, and install a barista bar and food service area in the Food Republic restaurant at Cork Airport.

Case Study #2

Kerry Group

Kerry Group required a company that could manage all reactive maintenance issues around the schedule of working factories in the Munster region. 

Facility Management - FAQ

Facility management encompasses the efficient and effective management of physical workplaces to support the goals of a company. It involves overseeing a range of functions to ensure the functionality, safety, and comfort of a facility. This includes maintenance, space planning, security, environmental sustainability, and more. 

Facility management companies play a crucial role in optimising operations, reducing operational costs, and creating a conducive environment for employees and visitors. They coordinate services like cleaning, repairs, and utilities, ensuring a seamless and efficient facility operation. 

Moreover, they strategise for long-term facility development and sustainability, aligning the facility with the company’s goals. Through strategic planning, budgeting, and day-to-day management, facility management services will enhance productivity, employee satisfaction, and overall performance by providing a well-maintained, safe, and productive work environment. 

Facility management services can be broken down into two categories: hard and soft. 

Hard facility management services involve the physical and tangible aspects of facility management, typically relating to the infrastructure and systems within a property. Here, a facility management company will undertake activities like maintenance and repair of buildings, electrician work, plumber work, HVAC, machinery, and equipment. Hard services are essential for ensuring the functionality, safety, and reliability of the physical environment. 

On the other hand, soft facility management services encompass the intangible and people-oriented aspects of facility management. These services are geared towards enhancing the overall workplace experience and supporting the occupants of the facility. Soft services often include activities such as cleaning, catering, security, waste management, reception, landscaping, and other support services that contribute to a comfortable and pleasant work environment. 

There are many benefits facility management offers for businesses such as: 

  • Optimises operational efficiency, minimising downtime, and enhancing productivity. 
  • Achieves cost savings through efficient resource allocation and energy conservation. 
  • Enhances the workplace experience for employees, fostering a positive and productive environment. 
  • Supports sustainability initiatives by implementing eco-friendly practices, reducing environmental impact. 
  • Aligns facilities with company goals through strategic planning, promoting long-term growth and adaptability. 
  • Prioritises safety and security, mitigating risks, and safeguarding people and assets. 
  • Reflects a positive brand image, showcasing the company’s commitment to excellence and professionalism. 

In the facility management industry, the terms ‘facility manager’ and ‘property manager’ are often used interchangeably. Many of the duties of a facilities manager and property manager overlap, so in one sense, they’re quite similar. 

One key difference is that property managers tend to perform many duties between the property owner and tenants, such as collecting rent, but they are also keen on achieving financial and asset management goals, such as improving property resale value. Facilities managers, on the other hand, tend to be more ‘hands-on’ and oversee the maintenance and repairs conducted by contractors. 

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