Are Roof Repairs Covered by Insurance?

‘Are roof repairs covered by insurance?’ is a question that is often asked by Brosnan Property Solutions customers. And to be honest, the answer isn’t always straightforward. It usually depends on many factors that affect the validity or size of a claim. In this article, we’ll explain how insurance generally works for residential roof repairs. We will discuss the factors that affect the chances of your insurance covering your roof repair costs.

What Roof Repairs are Covered by Insurance?

A standard home insurance policy will usually cover unexpected roof repairs. Typical examples are loose tiles or gutters, water leaks, structural damage or even the entire roof blowing off. These damages must be caused by external events. These include accidents, fire, severe rain, storms, gales, vandalism and burglary. This means that if none of these events occur, your roof will be normally in tact.

However, if there’s any sign that neglect has contributed to a roof repair, your insurer more than likely won’t pay towards it. For instance, you might notice water leaking in through a gap caused by the storm. But if the underlying structure is suffering with long-term dry rot, it could be argued that the water leak was inevitable due to negligence. In other words, despite last night’s storm damage, your roof would have leaked in the near futured due to poor condition.

Why are You Paying Home Insurance?

When you take out a Home Insurance policy, check what you’re paying for. Ask yourself ‘Are roof repairs covered by insurance?’. Most policies are divided into two separate areas: building and contents insurance. Building Insurance covers the actual structure of your home including the roof, walls, windows, ceiling and floor. Contents Insurance refers to your possessions and other ‘temporary’ items such as carpets and household appliances.

Some homeowners choose only to insure the contents, but this type of policy will not cover roof repairs. A comprehensive home insurance policy usually covers both the building and its contents. But as we explained in the previous paragraph, roof repair claims are usually only valid for healthy roofs. Standard home insurance policies are fairly similar in terms of cost. But the exact amount you’ll pay each month can be affected by the type of roof you have.

How does Roof Design Affect Home Insurance?

Insurers regard some roof designs as more reliable than others and this can adjust the size of your monthly payments. One of the more popular designs our experienced roofers repair and install is the Gable Roof. It has two expansive sides that meet in a long ridge across the top. It’s equivalent to the width of the house. The small side panels of the roof are vertical.

At BPS, we install many Hip Roofs. It’s a high-quality, elegant design where all four sides of the roof slope in towards the centre. It looks similar to a pyramid, but its beauty lies in its strength. It distributes wind currents far more effectively than any other roof. Insurers know it’s less likely to suffer storm damage and consequently charge you less in comparison to a gable roof.

Some roofs are a combination of both designs. The insurance for this style could be more than a hip roof, but less than a gable.

How does Roofing Material Affect Home Insurance?

The type of material your roof is made from can affect your home insurance. Roofing shingles are similar to tiles as they overlap each other to form a relatively smooth surface. They can be made from many different materials such as wood, asphalt or metal. Insurers are likely to charge more for wooden shingles as they aren’t fire-resistant.

Some pent roofs on old home extensions have panels of glass which are prone to cracking, and they might not be fireproof. Insurers charge more for these than the modern polycarbonate alternative which has a superior resistance to external damage.

The most popular roofing material in Ireland is tile, made from clay or concrete. They have a life-span of at least fifty years. Brosnans roof repair team often work with slate tiles. We love the challenge of working with genuine slate. Insurers often charge less for slate and some of the modern composites because they’re more reliable. You’ll pay the most insurance for thatch. It’s prone to insect attack and needs a high degree of maintenance.

Why is a Flat Roof more Expensive to Insure?

Flat roofs are inexpensive and easy to install, but they can increase your home insurance. A flat roof is more susceptible to general wear and tear than a pitched roof. Brosnan Property Solutions is one of Cork’s leading roof repair companies. Typically, we’ll use a roof repair material such as a waterproof sealant to prolong the life of bitumen and asphalt.

Roofing felt is prone to cracking due to ultra-violet rays from the sun. It’s popular for a flat roof, but the design accumulates pools of water. When it freezes, ice encourages hairline cracks to widen, allowing rain to seep in. Flat roofs can also be damaged by burglars or vandals walking across them. Home insurers usually charge more for flat roofs. It’s due to their higher risk of developing faults and increased need for regular maintenance.

Are Roof Repairs Covered by Insurance?

Contact your insurer immediately after you notice roof damage. Some home insurers provide Emergency Home Assistance. This is usually for an emergency roof repair that needs to be completed quickly. The success of your subsequent claim depends on the type of roof and extent of the damage. Our advice is to keep a record of your telephone calls, emails and letters from insurance companies. Be realistic about the damage and don’t exaggerate. You can obtain a no obligation free quote from us at Brosnan Property Solutions to help provide your home insurer with the cost of the repair and any additional details.

Elderly Homeowners Who Don’t Have Home Insurance

Insurance claims for roof repairs are usually only paid in full if your roof was in a good condition and the damage was completely unavoidable. But not everyone can afford the sudden expenditure of a roof repair.

Many retired homeowners on a limited income can’t even afford home insurance. But the roof over their heads might still suffer storm damage and need repairing. Fortunately, Ireland has a Housing Aid for Older Persons Scheme which is in the form of a grant. To qualify, you need to be aged sixty-six years or older and can’t afford to maintain your home due to hardship.

How to Prevent Expensive Roof Repairs

Are roof repairs covered by insurance? Not all of them are. The main reason for a failed claim is the underlying condition of your roof. If an insurer sees it has been poorly maintained, it can invalidate your claim. The most effective way to reduce the cost of roof repairs is through our property maintenance team via a roof repairs service. We can help get your roof up to a more modern and stable condition.

Brosnan Property Solutions maintain and repair all types of roofs. Our roofers are highly qualified and experienced in all aspects of roof repairs including emergencies. Call us now for a No Obligation Free Quote. Brosnan Property Solutions can also help your home if you are in need of a boiler service, plumber, electrician, landscape gardener and we also help businesses with their facility management services.