A Survival Guide for Dealing with a Burst Pipe Repair

You don’t spend time contemplating a burst pipe repair. A burst pipe is an emergency that requires immediate attention. At Brosnan Property Solutions, we understand emergencies. Whether delivering critical services like burst pipe repair or providing additional solutions such as property maintenance and gas boiler service, we can be at your door on short notice.

We at Brosnan Property Solutions stand behind our employees with over two decades of professional experience. An emergency can be extremely distressing, but our fully certified plumbers will arrive with their cutting-edge equipment, their expertise and a commitment to restoring your home or facility to normal. Because of the urgent nature of some repairs, our vans are distributed all over Cork City suburbs, including Douglas, Ballincollig, Blackpool and more.

The guide: What to do when a water pipe bursts

A burst pipe requires immediate attention. The sound of running water or the odour of rotten eggs may be the first signs that a water pipe has burst. This is when you realise that you need to act.

1. Turn off the water mains

The main priority is the valve that shuts off the water supply to the entire house. It is a good idea to become acquainted with the location of stop valves throughout the house before you need to identify them in an emergency.

The mains valve is typically found under the kitchen sink. If you cannot find it, ask a neighbour where theirs is located. Levers that can be turned clockwise to an off position may also be assigned to various appliances throughout the house. You can usually also stop water flow by turning the valve handle near the water meter outside.

2. Turn off the electricity

You might not have time to check if water is dripping on or near your electric appliances. As a precautionary measure, trip your main electrical switch. First, ensure that the electric box is not surrounded by dripping water and that the floor under the box is dry.

3. Empty all systems containing water

Turn on all cold taps and flush all the toilets in your home. Following that, turn your electric water heater off, either by shutting it down or tripping your main electrical switch. After that, turn on all your hot water taps to prevent a hot water pipe from bursting. Drain all water-carrying systems to avoid additional damage from flooding or leaks.

4. Prevent any leaks from becoming more widespread

Structural bulging may occur where water is collecting, especially in ceilings. With pressure building, it may be a good idea to puncture a hole in the bulge and allow the water to collect in buckets. Make sure you have spare buckets waiting in line to take over.

5. Call the experts for a professional burst pipe repair

At this point, it is time to call for a burst pipe plumber. Tip: Don’t wait for an emergency. Regular maintenance will prevent a minor leak from becoming a costly loss.

What to do when you have flooding

When flooding occurs, burst pipe repairs can only begin when electrical hazards have been addressed. If you come home to a flooded house, don’t even consider going inside. Instead, call an electrician Cork (SAFE Electric registered) to come and turn off the power, allowing safe entry into your home.

What causes pipes to burst?

Burst pipe repairs are occasionally required for reasons beyond our control but having a general understanding of the causes of cold-water pipe bursts can help you take preventative actions.

Frozen water pipes

When temperatures fall to dangerously low levels, water inside pipes can freeze and cause pressure to build up. Ice expands. When water pipes cannot handle the pressure any longer, they burst, preventing the flow of water from your taps.

Corrosion inside pipes

Corrosion of water pipes commonly occurs as pipes age. When metal and water remain in constant contact, it’s only natural that a reaction occurs over time. Although metal plumbing can last for years before rusting, many older homes still use antiquated plumbing that frequently requires burst pipe repairs.

The propagation of tree roots

Tree roots are notorious for creating problems with plumbing pipes. Unfortunately, certain trees and plants develop enormous root systems and can invade pipes in their path. As a result, property maintenance professionals frequently collaborate with gardeners to design a layout that does not obstruct a home’s infrastructure.

Obstructions making their way into the pipes

Water pipes can become clogged with a variety of materials. Food particles, hair, soap, and anything else that makes its way down drains can cause blockages. When clogging puts pressure on the pipes, the accumulation of debris will slow down the water flow.

Soil movement due to construction

Many people are unaware that soil displacement during construction or gardening might result in a burst pipe under a house. Soil displacement can also be caused by natural erosion. Water pipes can sustain damage if soil movement causes even the tiniest shift in your home’s foundations.

Rising water pressure

Normal water pressure in a home is a matter of personal preference. However, most homeowners are content with a value in the centre of the range, such as 50 psi. Of course, many people prefer higher water pressure, but 60–80 psi may be too much for water pipes to tolerate, even for a short time, without sustaining damage.

How to prevent pipes from bursting

The following tips may help you avoid burst pipe repairs in winter:

  • Turn on one or two taps and let them trickle slowly.
  • Make sure that the temperature in your home never dips below freezing.
  • To keep cold air out, seal holes near electrical outlets and heating vents.
  • During chilly weather, leave kitchen cupboard doors under the sink open.
  • Ask a professional to install heat tape or heating cable to protect your pipes.
  • Unplug your hose from the garden tap to prevent damage by water freezing inside the hose.
  • Ensure that parts of your home near water pipes, such as those near outside walls and windows, remain warm.
  • Call a certified plumber to inspect your water pipes and provide recommendations for cold-season preparedness.

Burst Pipe Repair – Frequently Asked Questions

How to avoid burst pipes when going away

You can take several measures to avoid burst pipes while away. Keep one or two taps running, keep the temperature inside your home warm and use heat tape on your pipes. In addition, ensure that all tiny openings are sealed to keep the chilly air out.

Do frozen pipes always burst?

No, frozen pipes don’t necessarily burst. It depends on where the water lines are located, how old they are and how much pressure they can withstand from expanding ice. You can take steps before winter to prepare your pipes for frigid temperatures.

Can pipes burst in warm weather?

Yes, pipes can leak or burst throughout the summer, particularly in intense heat. Water demand rises during those hot summer days, putting greater strain on water pipes than usual. In addition, the soil becomes very dry in locations with little or no summer rain, encouraging soil shifting, a frequent source of pipe bursts.

Does homeowners insurance cover pipes that burst?

Yes, your home insurance should cover burst water pipes, but you need to research exactly what your policy covers and what you can report to the assessors. For example, does the policy pay for water damage? Can you pursue a claim for a subsequent burst pipe repair five years after an earlier claim? Do you know if the water that was leaking was metered?

Who to call when a pipe bursts

Call a registered plumber when a pipe bursts. Many qualified plumbers will come to your home at any hour of the day or night because a burst pipe repair requires a quick response. You may also need to call an electrician if your appliances are damp or if you have flooding.

Call Brosnans for burst pipe repair

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