Gas Boiler Service Cork


Experience quality care & peace of mind with our professional gas boiler service Cork

Brosnan Property Solutions offers comprehensive gas boiler service in Cork for commercial and residential clients that includes professional installation, maintenance, and servicing all at competitive prices. 

Our expert team of installers are fully RGII-registered in Ireland (compliant with Irish Standard I.S.813.2002) and adhere to occupational Health and Safety standards to ensure that your gas boiler is safe and in good working condition for years to come. 

We serve commercial and residential clients across Co. Cork, with our experienced team on jobs daily around Cork City and surrounding suburbs such Douglas, Carrigaline, Glanmire, and Midleton. 

Our Gas Boiler Service Checks: 

  • Assess suitability of boiler location 
  • Inspect for visible signs of damage 
  • Ensure appliance operates correctly 
  • Check for proper ventilation when required 
  • Perform a soundness test 
  • Look for signs of flue spillage 
  • Inspect condition of flue, routing, and terminal 
  • For condensing boilers, inspect condensate drainage 
  • Maintain clearance from combustible materials 
  • Perform cold check on flue 
  • Inspect main burner and clean if required 
  • Check that pilot lights and all probes and cables are clean 
  • Inspect heat exchanger and clean as required 
  • Monitor, adjust, and record main burner pressure 
  • Check flame sensor control in operation 
  • Check flue effectiveness while burner in operation 
  • Ensure electrical isolation and 3-amp fuse properly fitted 
  • Inspect for physical damage to wiring and ensure appliance is properly connected 
  • Check thermostat condition 
  • Analyse low water pressure control operation 
  • Inspect system pressure as per manufacturers directions 
  • Inspect expansion vessel if required 
  • Inspect flue guard fitting if required 
  • Check for flue spillage if required 
  • Comprehensive boiler operation check including time clock, thermostats, zone valves 
  • Ensure that appliance conforms to Irish Standard I.S.813.2002 
  • Review Boiler Combustion Efficiency Test Results 

Regular Gas Boiler Servicing is Important

Reduce Your Energy Bills

Boilers become less energy efficient over time, which means that your gas bills will likely go up substantially. According to Bord Gáis Energy, you could save up to 25 per cent on energy bills. Our experts will ensure that the boiler is functioning in top shape by replacing worn out parts or repairing faults or defects as necessary. Consequently, yearly service helps you save money on monthly gas bills whilst keeping your home nice and warm. 

Keep Your Family Safe


Carbon monoxide leaks are a real danger to any homeowner with fuel-burning appliances in the home. What makes carbon monoxide so pernicious is that it lacks odourcolour, and taste, so it can be impossible to detect. By having your gas boiler serviced every year, qualified technicians will ensure that it is operating within the manufacturers instructions and according to high standards of health and safety. 


Long-Term Cost Savings

Most gas boilers last between 10-15 years, after which they must be replaced. This number largely depends on how well its maintained, so neglecting to have it serviced will undoubtedly decrease its usable lifespan. Considering that new installation can be quite costly, the best way to reap long-term savings is to have it serviced every year, thus keeping it in good working order for a few more years. 

Gas Boiler Services

Emergency Boiler Repair

  • Emergency gas boiler repairs for homes and businesses 6 days a week, just pick up the phone and get in touch when you need us


  • All emergency repairs include a comprehensive inspection to diagnose and avoid problems in the future


  • Flexible appointment schedules and same-day service available depending on the urgency of your repair needs


  • Competitively-priced emergency repairs for a wide range of common and less-common problems


  • If your gas boiler needs replacing, our technicians will provide you with solutions for the best course of action 


  • Complete dismounting of the existing gas boiler and a safe installation for the new one safely and efficiently 
  • Our service technicians are RGII-registered to ensure their own safety, your safety, and to get the job done right the first time


  • All parts and components used in the replacement conform to Bord Gáis Energy standards


  • Get peace of mind that your new gas boiler will provide warmth and comfort for years to come


  • We offer all clients flexible appointment times to minimise disruptions in the household or workplace 


  • Save up to 25 percent on energy bills and improve heating efficiency by up to 20 percent with a new gas boiler installation


  • Our service technicians are RGII-registered and abide by occupational Health and Safety regulations to ensure that your installation is done right


  • We will dismount your old unit and install the new one safely in place
  • All installations come with a 60-day warranty to ensure your gas boiler is functioning as it should be and to address any potential faults or defects early on 
  • Flexible appointment times for all installation jobs to suit your lifestyle. Just book a time to suit your workday

Parts Replacement

  • Gas boilers get less efficient over time, and replacement parts can be hard to find and expensive – our technicians are equipped with replacement parts for all makes and models at competitive prices


  • Our service technicians perform all parts replacement services according to RGII standards 
  • All replacement parts are durable, high-quality, and conform to RGII standards
  • High-quality replacement parts can extend the usable lifespan of your gas boiler, delaying the need for complete replacement
  • We are able to replace flue guard fittings, washers, pilot lights, cables, probes, electrical components, and much more 

Safety Inspections

  • Our service technicians perform a 20-point safety inspection to maximise the efficiency, functionality, and safety of your gas boiler
  • Comprehensive safety checks can detect faults and worn parts before more critical damage can occur
  • Reduce the potential for carbon monoxide in your home or business from faulty or leaky gas boilers
  • Our service is performed by fully-certified RGII technicians 

Our Service Promises

  • Experts : our service technicians are all RGII certified and abide by occupational Health and Safety standards. We have been proudly serving Cork for over 15 years and have received plenty of testimonials.
  • Reliable: we provide all clients with a 60-day warranty after replacement or installation. Our services are available six days a week with flexible appointment times
  • Great Value, Affordable Pricing: our services are comprehensive, which means that all of our services come with a 20-point inspection all at the low cost of €110, call out included 

Frequently Asked 

How much does it cost to service a gas boiler?

Most services in Ireland cost between €110-€120 for about an hours worth of service. Naturally, this cost can be much higher if the gas boiler is beyond repair or requires additional parts or labour.

How often should you get a gas boiler serviced?

You should request gas boiler service yearly from the date of installation or in cases of emergency. 

How much is a gas boiler service in Ireland?

Some gas boiler service providers have been known to charge way more than the typical €110-€120, so always request the total price before phoning in a service technician to your home or business for boiler maintenance or boiler installation in Cork. 

How do you service a gas boiler?

Engineers and technicians working with gas boilers should always perform a comprehensive check, full inspection, cleaning of flues and key components, and repair or replace components as necessary. A good service will not cut corners when it comes to your safety. 

What happens if you don't service your boiler?

If you neglect gas boiler service for more than a year, you and your home may be at risk. Firstly, you may void your warranty. Secondly, you may be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Lastly, your gas boiler likely will not last until its depreciable lifespan, thus requiring a complete replacement earlier than youd probably like. 

Can I service my own gas boiler?

In some countries such as the UK, it is legal to perform services on your own gas boiler. In Ireland, however, all replacement and repairs must be performed by an RGII-certified technician. 

Can a plumber install a boiler?

If the plumber is RGII-certified and registered, they may carry out gas boiler services in Ireland. Always ask your local plumber if they hold these certifications prior to commencing any work. 

Is boiler service necessary?

Although a service is not a legal requirement, it is good practice to have your gas boiler serviced every year. In other words, its practically a necessity for energy-efficiency, long-term cost savings, and personal safety. 

Does a boiler need servicing every year?

Yes. Gas boiler services should be requisitioned at least once per year, and possibly more often if youve noticed a problem with your gas boiler. 

How often should you change your boiler?

Generally, most gas boilers are built to last between 10-15 years provided that they are well-maintained and that you perform gas boiler service every year to keep them in good working condition

How long should a boiler last?

Most boilers can last around 15 years if they are well taken care of. Gas boiler service extends the usable lifespan of your boiler, thereby reducing the need to have it replaced too soon. 

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