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Brosnan Property Solutions provides professional domestic and commercial handyman services in Cork City and its suburbs. All of our handyman services are available for both home and business maintenance tasks. Our team are all trained professionals and fully insured. Our handyman services in Cork are available 6 days a week all year long, and booking an appointment is quick and easy – just give us a ring. From changing a light bulb to performing extensive painting or decorating work, no job is too big or too small.

Experience and reliability are what set us apart from the competition, and we’re confident you’ll receive great value with our handyman services. We operate daily in Cork City, Ballincollig, Glanmire, Carrigaline, Douglas, Midleton, Montenotte, and Bishopstown and further afield. With over 20 years serving Cork, look no further than BPS for professional quality handyman services. Pick up the phone and book an appointment today.

Handyman Cork

Our Handyman Cork Services

General Maintenance

General maintenance and repairs for buildings and mechanical equipment


Interior and exterior painting for homes and businesses

Kitchen & Bathroom Jobs

Quick and effective fixes for bathrooms and kitchens

Lock & Key Systems

Locksmithing and key replacement, lock repair, and installation

Gardening & Landscaping

Professional home and business gardening and landscaping work

Electrical & Lighting

Minor electrical and lighting repairs and maintenance

Tiling Work

Tile and grout cleaning, maintenance, and installation


General and routine cleaning jobs for homes and businesses

Handyman Flooring

Vinyl, laminate, and solid wood flooring installation and maintenance

Furniture Moving

Removal and relocation of household and office furniture

Why Choose Brosnan Property Solutions?


All of our professionals are fully insured with public liability insurance. This means that should an unfortunate incident occur that prevents the job from being completed such as injury from tripping over a ladder or paint can, for instance, work can resume to your satisfaction

across Cork

Whether you require a handyman in Cork City or in the suburbs, our general handyman will come to your home or business on-time, as requested. Our services are also available in Ballincollig, Glanmire, Carrigaline, Douglas, Midleton, Montenotte, and Bishopstown and throughout the county.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Our electrical team in Cork are fully-certified members of Safe Electric and carry RGI registration, as well as compliant with all occupational Health and Safety regulations. Consequently, they can carry out work on both electrical wiring and gas fittings, such as hob and oven installation or replacement. 

Competitive Rates

We are competitively priced for handyman services and offer great value for money. Our call-out fee is €65 and the hourly rate is set at €32 per hour. Bear in mind that the current rate for the first hour of work is €65, with each subsequent hour incurring €32 per hour.

Flexible hours

Our services are available 6 days a week, all year long. Our flexible appointment booking times ensure that you’re able to get great service at times that are suitable for you. Depending on demand, same-day service is also possible. Be sure to enquire with us if your matter is urgent.

Our Handyman Cork Services:

General Maintenance

Our handyman services encompass a broad range of general maintenance duties for homes and businesses. For many homeowners and businesses that lack the expertise, time, or tools to perform routine repairs and maintenance on their property, a handyman can get the job done right.


Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint indoors, or a complete paint job for your home or business exterior, our Cork handyman services are dependable and reliable. We can strip, prime, and bring new colour to your property, touch up a topcoat, or provide full paint jobs for new structures on a variety of surfaces such as vinyl and aluminium siding, for example.

Kitchen & Bathroom Jobs

If you’re remodelling your kitchen or bathroom, our handyman services can assist with a wide variety of common tasks such as drilling through tiles, installing shower doors, mounting towel racks, replacing kitchen countertops, repairing cupboards, fitting cabinets, and much more. For plumbing and electrical work requiring registered contractors, enquire with us as we provide these services as well.

Lock & Key Systems

Our mobile handyman services can perform locksmithing jobs such as key cutting, key replacement, lock repairs, door lock replacement and installation, safe removal and relocation, security system and CCTV installation, alarm system installation, safety door repairs and installation, and more.

Gardening & Landscaping

Our services include lawn and garden care as well as landscaping services to both beautify your home or business as well as to eliminate weeds and pest infestations. Some of the jobs we perform include lawn mowing, pruning, hedge trimming, power washing, tree trimming, leaf collection and removal, and footpath maintenance and installation.

Electrical & Lighting

For minor electrical work not requiring a Registered Electrical Contractor, BPS Cork handyman services such as electrical socket installation and replacement of light bulbs can be performed. Where RECs are required, BPS provides homes and businesses with professional electrician services as well.

Tiling Work

If your home or business requires tilework, BPS has a handyman ready, willing, and able to carry out the task to your satisfaction. Our handymen can remove and replace tile, seal or reseal tiles, repair cracked or worn out tiles, and install new tiles.


The importance of keeping the home and workplace clean has perhaps never been more important than now, which is why BPS provides cleaning services ranging from routine cleaning to disinfection, sanitising high-contact touch areas, dusting, rubbish removal, and deep cleaning of rooms and buildings.


Our handyman services include flooring repairs, replacement, and installation. We can work with a wide variety of flooring and sub-flooring materials such as solid wood, vinyl, laminate, carpet, and tile. We can also identify mould or rotting from carpet backing or in timber and remediate water damage by replacing the affected area to your satisfaction.

Furniture Moving

If you’ve got a large, heavy, and/or bulky piece of furniture that needs to be removed or relocated, our Cork handyman services have you covered. Since our professionals are insured, your furniture is in good hands as is the condition of your home. We are also capable of assembling furniture.

 Frequently Asked

Does homeowners insurance cover handymen?

It may be possible to claim for damages to your property from shoddy handyman work with your home insurance policy. Home insurance policies differ one from the other, so speak with your home insurance provider to learn more about coverage in such circumstances.

How to find a handyman?

A simple online search can show you plenty of results for handymen in Ireland, but how many are reputable, reliable, and available in your area and how many are fly-by-night cowboys who shouldn’t be let anywhere near your home or business? The best way to find a handyman near you is to take your time and review handyman businesses. Ensure that they are insured and reputable above all else.

What can a handyman do?

A handyman can do most routine repairs and maintenance tasks on homes and businesses in Ireland, but there are also many jobs they cannot do provided they lack the proper trade certifications. Jobs that require professional knowledge of building codes, plumbing, and electrician work, for example, are in most cases best left to specialised tradespeople which we also have as part of our wider team. 

Does a handyman need insurance?

In general, handymen in Ireland should have adequate insurance coverage for the type of work they are carrying out. Always ensure that your contractor has both employer’s liability and public liability insurance at a bare minimum. A reputable handyman will happily provide you with their insurance credentials before commencing work. Insurance is standard for legally operating as a handyman in Ireland.

What do handymen do?

Handyman is sort of a ‘catch-all’ term used for an individual that carries out various domestic and commercial repairs and maintenance work such as painting, cleaning, floor and tilework, basic electrical and plumbing work, gardening, and landscaping. In brief, they provide a wide range of general skills for maintaining homes and businesses.

Can a handyman do electrical work?

Under most circumstances, you are obliged by Irish law to have a Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) when carrying out electrical work in your home or business. Jobs not listed as restricted or controlled electrical works do not require an REC, but those listed must be performed by an REC. If your handyman is a REC, they are legally permitted to perform electrical work.

Can a handyman do plumbing?

A handyman can carry out many domestic and commercial maintenance work, but plumbing is a registered profession in Ireland requiring professional accreditations from completion of an officially recognised plumbing apprenticeship. If your handyman is a registered plumber, then yes, they can carry out plumbing work.

How much does a handyman charge per hour?

It really depends. In Ireland, average hourly wages of handymen vary from €17 up to €19 per hour in Dublin and Cork. This doesn’t take into consideration VAT and all of the associated labour costs, however, so a more realistic estimate would be between €30-35 per hour. Furthermore, experience plays a large role in determining rates. An inexperienced handyman would likely command low rates whereas professional handymen with years of experience can be expected to charge higher rates.

Get in Touch with a Professional in Cork Today

Finding a handyman near you in Cork isn’t too difficult, but finding a reputable, professional Cork handyman that will get the job done reliably and for a fair price can be quite a challenge. Trust the professionals. We also provide residential services such as annual boiler service checks and roof repairs. Full Facility Management and Property Maintenance services are available to our commercial clients too.