How a Commercial HVAC Maintenance Plan Can Benefit Your Business 

Commercial HVAC maintenance plans are something every business needs to consider. The average commercial building requires a different approach when it comes to everyday maintenance. Employers must keep buildings at comfortable temperatures throughout the year. Meanwhile, indoor air quality needs to be maintained to ensure harmful pollutants aren’t contaminating air streams. 

For many commercial property owners, keeping heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in check is a big undertaking. However, commercial HVAC maintenance plans ensure your systems are always working as they should be.  
HVAC maintenance is a crucial part of facility management services. However, many businesses fail to utilise third-party providers to handle HVAC maintenance requirements. Why outsource cleaning services and not your HVAC maintenance especially when it helps with the smooth running of your daily operation and the well-being of your employees? 

If you’re looking for a tried and tested facilities management provider, it’s time to talk to Brosnan Property Solutions. We’re industry leaders in the facilities management sector, providing unrivalled experience in HVAC maintenance planning and support. Need more convincing that it’s time to outsource HVAC maintenance planning? Read on for everything you need to know. 

Ensure You Have an HVAC Maintenance Plan 

In simple terms, an HVAC maintenance plan is a defined agreement with an HVAC contractor. Otherwise known as a service contract, an HVAC maintenance plan typically includes regular maintenance and inspection of air, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. 

HVAC maintenance plans should underline the extent of maintenance your commercial property can expect to receive. Ideally, a plan should outline the number of maintenance visits you can expect, as well as which systems will be inspected and when.  
To ensure you’re adhering to facility management best practices, your HVAC maintenance plan should be ironclad. The best plans are essential for preventive property maintenance, ensuring things like cooling and heating are always performing optimally. This prevents worst-case scenarios like when a heating system breaks down in the middle of winter. It also mitigates the chance of you experiencing system failures that might require expensive repairs or full replacement.  
Having an HVAC maintenance plan in place also means you can worry less about scheduling. Many businesses that take on the responsibility of scheduling HVAC inspections can fall behind, leading to delays in essential maintenance. Over time, these delays can stack up, resulting in crucial components becoming damaged and entire systems falling into disrepair. A regular maintenance schedule provided by an HVAC plan prevents all of this from happening.  
Furthermore, it ensures your systems are performing as efficiently as possible. Committing to regular maintenance can prevent as many as three-quarters of breakdowns. Meanwhile, it can reduce the costs of repairs and maintenance work by as much as 20%. Finally, efficient systems yield significant cost savings when it comes to energy consumption.  

5 Benefits of Commercial HVAC Maintenance 

The obvious benefit of HVAC maintenance plans is that they can help you anticipate issues before they become an emergency. However, this is by no means the only advantage of having a plan in place. Below, we highlight the 5 biggest benefits of investing in commercial HVAC maintenance.  

1. Extend the Lifespan of Equipment 

HVAC maintenance targets every aspect of your systems. This prevents a single faulty component from contributing to larger, system-wide issues further down the line. Air conditioning and heating systems require continued maintenance to perform efficiently. However, ongoing maintenance will also identify things like cogged components and defective water coils. 

Eventually, these issues compound, forcing your equipment to work overtime to perform adequately. This puts significant strain on your systems, leading to further degradation and, in worst-case scenarios, complete system failure. HVAC maintenance not only prevents this from happening but also ensures your equipment can perform optimally for as long as possible. Furthermore, with regular maintenance and inspection carried out, individual components are more likely to perform for longer.  

2. Slash Energy Expenditure 

Commercial properties use a considerable amount of energy. If you’re looking to rein in energy expenditure, HVAC maintenance can help keep spending in check. When your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are performing efficiently, they’re also using less energy. 

In some cases, energy savings may be as high as 40%. However, the only way to ensure that your systems are performing as well as they should be is to commit to regular inspection with an exhaustive HVAC maintenance plan.  

3. Reduced Repair Costs 

Many businesses struggle to meet unexpected repair costs. If you’re worried about where you’ll find the money to cover a complete repair bill, scheduled HVAC maintenance is something to consider. Although HVAC maintenance can’t anticipate every emergency, it will certainly minimise the likelihood of you experiencing a worst-case scenario. 

A good HVAC maintenance plan will consider the condition and performance of existing systems and components, allowing for repairs to be carried out ahead of time. This way, there’s less chance of you encountering a critical emergency that results in eye-watering repair bills and costly downtime.  

4. Combat Contamination for Better Indoor Air Quality 

Regular maintenance of things like air conditioning systems is crucial for ensuring your commercial spaces are comfortable for employees and visitors. However, an HVAC maintenance plan will also consider the overall condition of your air conditioning infrastructure. 

Indoor air quality is a pressing concern for any commercial premises. Harmful bacteria and fungi can quickly accumulate in poorly maintained air conditioning systems, which can have a dramatic impact on air quality.  
Contaminated airstreams are harmful to health. They can lead to inflammation of the eyes and nasal passages and can be particularly harmful to asthma sufferers. This not only renders commercial spaces uncomfortable for day-to-day use but can also lead to staff absences. Committing to regular HVAC maintenance makes it easier to maintain high levels of indoor quality.  

5. Tailored Service 

If you’re looking for a personalised plan that’s tailored to your particular needs, HVAC maintenance is the obvious choice. Over time, your service providers will build an in-depth knowledge of your HVAC systems, allowing them to deliver the best possible responses to every issue.In other words, service levels increase over time. Furthermore, with an established HVAC maintenance plan in place, you’ll benefit from rapid response to any emergency issues as and when they arise.  

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