The Importance of HVAC Maintenance

Many companies don’t rate HVAC maintenance highly enough to include it in their regular financial budget but what about if we told you how regular checks can save your company money? Would you listen then?

Waiting until the HVAC has an issue leads to a reduction or complete halt in production or services. And the cost is often much more expensive. But incorporating Planned Preventive Maintenance as part of your company’s budget and operating schedule, can save your business money.

Why is HVAC Maintenance Important?

The full HVAC meaning is Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. HVAC systems are a fundamental part of today’s commercial buildings. They are installed in outlets of all sizes from small shops and cafes to large office blocks. Commercial properties rely on HVAC systems to help keep the interior air quality in excellent condition. Another important function is to regulate the temperature, ensuring your commercial workspace is comfortable during extreme seasonal temperatures.

For some industries, an effective HVAC system is vital. For example, telecommunications depend on ambient temperature and humidity levels to ensure sensitive equipment performs effectively.

HVAC air conditioning is essential in factories. The heat generated by manufacturing procedures builds up very quickly. Its intensity can make the working environment stifling and unsafe. Any unforeseen fault within your HVAC system can cause a serious interruption in your business schedule. It can easily lead to a loss of production and profits. But Preventive HVAC Maintenance helps you to stay in control of your company’s finances.

Reactive versus Preventive HVAC Maintenance?

The goal of every business is to make a profit. But the costs of running your company can often escalate well beyond what you’ve planned for. It’s frequently the necessity to cut expenditure that leads many businesses to inadvertently choose Reactive HVAC Maintenance. But there are financial risks in ignoring your HVAC system until there’s a complete mechanical failure.

Repairing a large HVAC unit can be expensive. It may even result in the system being completely replaced. Preventive HVAC Maintenance is designed to monitor the performance of your HVAC commercial system. It enables the engineers to correct minor faults such as replacing worn fan belts and loose washers before they can contribute towards a much larger problem. Preventive HVAC Maintenance helps to keep your HVAC system performing at its most efficient. And most importantly, it helps your business to continue operating without any interruption.

How Much is an HVAC System?

Running your HVAC heating and cooling circuit can be expensive, even when the unit is new. It can account for an estimated 40% of your company’s fuel bills. Many companies already feel pressurised into cutting costs and the maintenance of your HVAC is often an easy target. But if your HVAC commercial system becomes inefficient through a lack of maintenance, it actually increases the amount of energy it uses. Any small change, such as a blocked grille, in the HVAC’s mechanism places greater stress on the unit as a whole. It has to work harder to run, using up more energy and increasing your fuel costs.

Companies that use regular Preventive Maintenance spend 10% to 15% less on their fuel bills. Large repairs take a long time to complete and can be costly. Your company might have to spend thousands to install a new system. But the cost of an industrial HVAC system installation can be far greater than that. You still must factor in the loss of services or production due to mechanical breakdown.

What is the Cost of HVAC Maintenance?

Many businesses try to reduce costs by not servicing their HVAC equipment. But mechanical failure can occur at any time, particularly as the system ages. The cost of a large repair may occur when your company’s cash flow isn’t as fluid as expected. It can often be difficult finding the resources to pay an unexpected repair bill. However, by following reliable Facilities Management strategies you can effectively budget for the cost of maintaining your industrial HVAC system.

It’s estimated that companies using Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) spend 50% less than those using Reactive Maintenance. An effective guideline is to allocate 70% of your maintenance budget to PPM. Many companies don’t have the resources to set up their own Facilities Management Team. However, Strategic Outsourcing is a cost-effective solution.

Brosnan Property Solutions has professional personnel who are highly experienced in providing Facilities Management services. We can help you formulate a cost-effective, HVAC Maintenance Plan that’s tailored to suit the exact requirements of your business.

How often should Commercial HVAC Systems be Serviced?

Planned Preventive Maintenance is the most effective way to control your HVAC system. It can be serviced at a time when it will cause the least disruption to your business. When PPM is carried out regularly, there is little or nothing to repair. It allows the service to be completed quickly and efficiently. It also ensures that your HVAC air conditioning unit is running at its maximum efficiency. Regular servicing can help to significantly reduce your costs.

It is advisable to have your industrial HVAC system serviced at six monthly intervals. However, if your business has to provide continuous critical services, the system should be serviced at quarterly intervals. Regular HVAC maintenance is vital in ensuring that your business complies with current Health and Safety legislation.

One of the most important elements of regular Preventive Maintenance is checking condensing trays for sign of the Legionella bacteria. Anyone breathing in contaminated droplets of water from the air conditioning system can develop Legionnaires’ Disease, a fatal form of pneumonia. Regular PPM ensures your HVAC unit has leak-free coils to prevent infected water escaping into the air conditioning ducts.

Is the Cost of HVAC Maintenance Worthwhile?

HVAC units generally fall into three categories: single split, multi split, and VRV or VRF systems. However, all HVAC units consist of several components including expansion valves, compressors, evaporators and condensers. Failing to maintain your heating and air conditioning systems can be hazardous due to the leakage of Fluorinated gas (F Gas).

Regular PPM ensures your equipment is checked for signs of F-Gas discharge, electrical safety, pressures, and temperature control. It’s a sophisticated system that needs professional maintenance.

At Brosnan Property Solutions, our HVAC engineers are highly qualified and have the experience to deal with all aspects of maintaining industrial HVAC systems. Their work includes inspecting condenser coils, pressure relief valves, realigning anti-vibration mountings, cleaning grilles, checking condenser trays for signs of Legionella, maintaining safety switches and many more tasks.

Servicing your HVAC gives the engineers the chance to recalibrate the sensitive components that can easily become loose while the equipment is running. Regular PPM as part of your Project Management strategy, saves your company money because any small repairs are inexpensive. You gain reassurance that your HVAC system is safe, making Planned Preventive Maintenance worthwhile.

Benefits of a Commercial Energy Audit

Large companies often have different departments competing for a share of the annual budget. Assessing how much you should spend on Planned Preventive Maintenance should be part of your general Property Maintenance programme. It can be determined by conducting an energy audit. It should be an essential part of your Facilities Management Strategy.

An energy audit determines how efficiently each component within your HVAC system is operating. Data regarding energy consumption can be analysed and compared to other system models. The age and condition of the system are also considered. Keeping an accurate log of each service helps to identify how efficiently your system continues to operate. Being able to demonstrate the benefits of regular PPM ensures a continued investment in maintenance services.

Depending on the age and performance of your system, some maintenance tasks may need to be conducted more frequently such as monthly or even daily. One of the main benefits of PPM is prolonging the lifespan of your system. Regular maintenance can help it to run like new for many years. It saves your business money by delaying the time when a new installation is needed.

Professional Maintenance for Your Commercial HVAC System

Maintenance consists of various measures that can save your company money. It can include HVAC insulation to protect pipes from freezing, ensuring the safety of the unit’s electrical circuitry and checking for the leakage of hazardous refrigerants. Servicing an industrial HVAC heating and cooling system is a demanding procedure requiring professional expertise.

At Brosnan Property Solutions, our fully qualified engineers have a great deal of experience in maintaining all types of commercial HVAC systems. We also carry out complete HVAC Audits and Facilities Management. We have specialised in providing excellent PPM for HVAC systems in Cork, Dublin and Kerry for over twenty-five years. Contact us now for a free quote or book a service for your HVAC system, and we’ll be happy to help your company save money.