The Importance of CCTV for Your Business: 8 Major Benefits 

Never underestimate the importance of CCTV for a business. If your premises aren’t equipped with a reliable security system, you’re leaving your operation exposed to criminals. However, CCTV systems aren’t just there to safeguard you against thieves and vandals. CCTV allows you to monitor your employees and ensure health and safety procedures are adhered to. In addition, a CCTV system can boost productivity levels if you’ve disclosed the presence of cameras to your staff.  
As well as crime prevention, CCTV systems ensure a business is covered in any eventuality. For example, if there is an accident on site, you can use recorded footage to determine who, if anyone, was at fault. In addition, there’s no better resource when countering insurance claims than high-definition footage captured from an internal CCTV system. As a result, businesses equipped with CCTV can also benefit from reduced insurance premiums. 
At Brosnan Property Solutions, we’ve led the way in facilities management for over 20 years. So if you’re thinking about upgrading your on-site security credentials with a new CCTV system, we can help. Need more convincing that it’s high time to take your CCTV monitoring to the next level? Read on for eight reasons why every business can benefit from CCTV. 

1. It’s an Effective Theft Deterrent 

A robust security system is an essential part of property maintenance. Even operating from smaller premises, you can’t overlook CCTV’s importance. CCTV cameras are an effective deterrent against theft and vandalism. On the other hand, a CCTV system is a must if you’re based in a high-crime area or don’t have the resources to invest in on-site security.  
CCTV cameras should be installed strategically for best results, providing maximum coverage of entrances that thieves and vandals might exploit. In addition, external security cameras can bolster your protection against criminals. If a would-be thief or vandal spots an active security camera, they’re far less likely to make a move on your business.
There’s plenty of statistical evidence to support the importance of CCTV systems. For example, in some locations, the presence of CCTV can decrease instances of crime by as much as 50%. 

2. Provides Real-Time Footage and Criminal Evidence 

Although a CCTV system can reduce the chances of your business falling victim to criminals, there are no guarantees. However, if a crime is committed, the importance of CCTV footage becomes instantly apparent.  
Footage can be presented to police to help identify perpetrators and make arrests. The footage can be used as evidence during a trial if a case progresses to court. Provided your CCTV system complies with restrictions laid out in the Data Protection Act, any captured footage is admissible in court.  

3. Monitor Customer Behaviour 

The importance of CCTV systems in commercial settings is significant. There’s a huge benefit to security and crime prevention. However, you can also use internal CCTV systems to see how your site visitors interact with your products and premises. 
If you’re running a retail operation, this can help you refine the shopping experience for your customers. By watching how your customers interact with your space, you may realise that your current layout isn’t optimal. Once you’ve implemented changes, you can use your CCTV system to assess how successful they’ve been. 
Furthermore, a CCTV system lets customers know you take security seriously. The average shopper will feel safer interacting in an environment with robust security systems. What’s more, would-be shoplifters and vandals will be instantly deterred by the presence of cameras and signage drawing attention to your CCTV system.  

4. Monitor Performance and Boost Productivity 

Installing a CCTV system has a positive impact on employee productivity. Even if you’re not using CCTV to monitor your staff actively, you’ll likely find that output increases and punctuality improves. In other words, your team will work harder if they know they’re being monitored.  
Managers can also use internal CCTV systems. Rather than manually monitoring large groups, they can leverage CCTV to track performance remotely. Again, the cost-saving benefits are apparent here.
Suppose you are considering using CCTV to monitor staff, approach with caution. You’ll need to inform your staff that CCTV has been installed as a monitoring tool. Covert monitoring is a complete no-go. We can’t stress the importance of CCTV disclosure enough. However, provided you’ve made your intentions clear and haven’t gone overboard with camera placement, nothing is stopping you from making an internal CCTV system a crucial part of your workplace.  

5. The Importance of CCTV for Safety 

Employee safety is a crucial aspect of facility management services. A CCTV system is an effective tool for ensuring your employees and visitors remain safe. You’ll appreciate the importance of CCTV if you’ve recently introduced new health and safety procedures. There’s nothing worse than investing heavily in health and safety training, only to find staff aren’t following it. 
Remote monitoring gives you the confidence that your employees are putting what they’ve learned into practice. In addition, by monitoring your staff in action, you can decide whether health and safety training needs to be re-administered.  
In a worst-case scenario, you can use a CCTV system to assess an accident. Recorded footage will serve as an iron-clad reference to what occurred. If you can prove all health and safety procedures were followed, you protect yourself from liability and workplace injury claims. 

6. Maximum Visibility of Your Premises 

Ideally, a CCTV system should provide total coverage of business premises. Unfortunately, some business owners assume this means installing many cameras. Multiple cameras are undoubtedly advisable, but it’s all about placement. 
Target high-risk cameras with high-performance technology to ensure your site has the necessary coverage. For example, the latest generation of CCTV cameras is compact and easily concealed without compromising recording capabilities. If you need round-the-clock coverage, choose a system that provides infrared capabilities.  
Whatever camera technology you decide on, ensure all live footage can be accessed remotely. This saves you from establishing a dedicated command room, which is particularly handy if space is at a premium.

7. Slashes Security Costs

Smaller businesses will struggle to meet the cost of on-site security. Thankfully, CCTV surveillance provides you with a reliable, low-cost security solution. In addition, a multiple-camera setup will provide you with total coverage at a fraction of the cost of employing full-time or part-time security professionals. 
CCTV technology is also relatively affordable. Low-impact cameras can be installed quickly and easily, helping you keep project management costs within budget. Many systems are also wireless, negating the need for costly wiring and electrical installations. Ongoing maintenance costs are also a fraction of what they used to be. In other words, once your system is in place, ongoing operational costs are negligible. 

8. The Importance Of CCTV For Claims and Coverage 

Another massive benefit of CCTV systems is that they provide irrefutable evidence that can be used when dealing with insurance claims. For small businesses, a single liability claim might prove devastating financially.
Even if you never run into an insurance claim, installing a CCTV system can still benefit your operation. Many insurance providers will offer discounted premiums for businesses equipped with a CCTV system. So if you’re looking for ways to cut operating costs, this is a no-brainer.

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