While many businesses allocate a budget for in-house cleaning services, most overlook the importance of industrial cleaning. It’s not uncommon for those front-of-house parts of a business to receive priority, with little attention given to those less visible parts of an organisation. A more rigorous approach to cleaning is called for an industrial setting. Why is cleaning and facility management important in the industrial sector? 

Along with manufacturing centres and warehouses, places like on-site offices and administration areas need to be properly maintained. It’s tempting to cut corners and control costs by investing in standard services, but the result will fall far short of what’s required.  
Industrial cleaning brings many benefits to an organisation. It’s essential for ensuring a business strikes the right chord with site visitors. Moreover, ensure you adhere to strict health and safety regulations. As well as boosting employee morale and curbing sick days, industrial cleaning is a key part of any preventative maintenance strategy. 

At Brosnan Property Solutions, we’ve been providing industrial cleaning and facilities management services to companies across Ireland for decades. Need more convincing that now’s the time to start thinking seriously about industrial cleaning? Read on. 

1. Enhances Your Health and Safety Credentials 

Industrial cleaning is a key pillar of facility management, ensuring your employees a safe and hygienic environment. To adhere to health and safety regulations, businesses should already be investing heavily in this area. However, many areas tend to be overlooked.  
Take a typical office desk as an example. Here, you’ll find 400 times more germs than the average toilet seat. An unsanitised workplace can create the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria. This, in turn, in turn lead to sickness and extended absences.  

2. It Can Boost Productivity 

A cleaner workplace is a happier one. Increased employee satisfaction brings significant productivity gains. The more content your workforce is, the more engaged they’ll be with their tasks. According to one study, satisfied workers are around a third more productive.  

3. Protects Equipment and Minimises Downtime 

In the FMCG sector, it’s estimated that some manufacturers are losing more than £8.4 million per year to preventable downtime. What’s more concerning is that this figure applies to a single facility. One of the most important facility management best practices is to protect your physical assets and mitigate the chance of downtime.  
If your business relies on heavy-duty machinery, something as simple as dust can derail your operation if you haven’t invested in industrial cleaning. However, the cost of replacing everyday hardware like computers and monitors can stack up.  

4. It Improves Organisation 

A lack of organisation can spell trouble for any industry. Across every sector, poor organisation puts a significant dent in productivity and efficiency. An organised business is a far more responsive and adaptable one. Industrial cleaning services can enrich organisation and warehouse management. “In the event of unplanned downtime, your teams can address repairs and replacements more quickly,” said Ray Brosnan, the Managing Director of Brosnan Property Solutions. “This is crucial when you consider that the cost of downtime across all sectors averages at around €237,000 per hour.” 

5. Making the Right First Impression 

If your workspace regularly welcomes visitors and prospective clients, those first impressions count. As many as 66% of customers say they would avoid using a company again if they were left with a poor first impression. An unclean work environment isn’t exactly a great calling card for your company. However, it’s not just potential clients you need to be thinking about winning over.  
If you’re looking to address staff shortages and have a turnover issue, a poorly maintained workplace may be driving potential candidates away. Industrial cleaning will ensure that your commercial space is always striking the right note. For maximum impact, you’ll want to consider the outside of the building too. Think about bringing in landscape gardeners and someone specialising in roof repairs so no property maintenance stone is left unturned.  

6. Access to Specialist Skills and Equipment 

Worldwide, the industrial cleaning sector is forecast to be worth more than €76.2 billion by 2026. There’s a good reason for this. If you’re depending on a small team of in-house cleaners for support, you’re unlikely to be in a position where you can access special tools and cleaning equipment.  
Many organisations fail to invest in the physical assets that are needed for robust in-house cleaning. “When outsourcing, you benefit from industry-grade tools and cleaning professionals with the expertise to match,” Ray Brosnan commented. New equipment and techniques can be introduced, ensuring you get the highest level of service possible.  

7. You’re Committing to a Sustainable Future 

If you’re attempting to handle industrial cleaning in-house, you need to consider the environmental impact of the products that you’re using. While the sustainable cleaning supply market is expected to be worth more than €189 billion by 2026, most of the products typically employed by businesses aren’t particularly eco-friendly.  
Outsourcing facility management and industrial cleaning to an experienced provider will ensure you’re using the best products for the job, while still being able to maintain your green credentials.  

8. Significant Time and Cost-Saving Benefits 

Ultimately, success in business boils down to the bottom line. Industrial cleaning is one of the easiest ways to keep your operation in the black. The outlying cost of industrial cleaning services is negligible when you compare it to the expense of having to spend thousands on repairing or replacing hardware components. If industrial cleaning has been neglected for long enough, you may face a situation where you must replace business-critical machinery entirely.  
You also need to consider the human cost of failing to invest in industrial cleaning. In 2022, there were 26 work-related deaths in Irish workplaces. While this is a slight decrease from the previous year, any fatality is one too many. As well as negating injury and fatality risk, a cleaner and safer workplace is a more efficient one.  

An Industrial Cleaning Supplier You Can Trust 

Are you spending more money than you should on preventable downtime? Perhaps you’re a growing company not used to the sanitation demands of an industrial setting. At Brosnan Property Solutions, you’ll find the expertise you need to take charge of industrial cleaning. Our expert team has been providing first-rate cleaning services to industrial clients for more than 20 years.  
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