10 Ways Outsourcing Facility Management Can Benefit Your Business 

If your business depends on facilities management (FM), you should certainly consider outsourcing. Although smaller businesses are tempted to rely on in-house teams to fulfil facilities management requirements, most struggle to deliver first-rate results consistently. FM is essential for supporting core operations, providing your teams with a safe, comfortable, and secure place to work. However, if your enterprise involves external sites that require regular maintenance, FM is even more vital.  
The scope of FM varies wildly between companies and business sectors. However, there’s considerable overlap. FM includes things like building fabric maintenance, environmental services, health and safety, cleaning, hospitality services, and more. The main aim of FM is to allow a business to consistently achieve operational goals and meet service level agreements with customers. In the commercial sector, it’s also crucial in ensuring workplaces are as comfortable and safe as possible for employees. A well-maintained base of operations makes for a better working environment, boosting productivity.  
Interested in learning more about how outsourcing facilities management can benefit your business? Read on for a more in-depth exploration of FM and 10 reasons why you should be thinking about adapting an outsourced model.  

What Does Facilities Management Mean?

In simple terms, facilities management refers to the maintenance of a company’s premises and equipment. It can include day-to-day upkeep of security and safety systems, electrical and mechanical services, cleaning of premises, and much more. A dedicated third-party FM provider will also ensure that all health and safety requirements are being adhered to, significantly mitigating risk and liability.  
Outsourced FM can be seen as a support service, ensuring your operational goals are consistently achieved and guaranteeing that service level agreements are met. In addition to maintaining external sites, FM services can also benefit your base of operations. The main benefits of outsourcing FM services include tighter cost control, increased efficiency throughout all processes, and access to the latest insights and expertise. Outsourced facilities management delivers far better results than anything an in-house team might be able to provide.

Facility Management Best Practices 

Why outsource cleaning services and other building management tasks? If you’re not careful, unchecked property maintenance expenses can send your operating costs skyrocketing. Outsourcing maintenance comes with a host of benefits, freeing up time and money that can be better invested in other aspects of your business. Read on for 10 of the key reasons why you should be thinking about outsourcing.  

1. Make Better Use of Your Time

Many businesses outsource to save time. If your company is in its infancy or struggling with limited resources, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to complete all elements of a standard property maintenance schedule.  
Adopting an outsourcing model means you can always commit to the requirements of property maintenance. Without leaning solely on your in-house teams, you can be confident you’ll always have sufficient manpower to keep up with all maintenance tasks, no matter whether you’re looking for an electrician or boiler service professional.  

2. Reduced Costs 

Outsourcing can also save you a considerable amount of money. In rare cases, smaller businesses can juggle the responsibilities of property maintenance tasks with in-house teams. However, employing full-time teams with the relevant skills to handle such jobs can prove time-consuming. Although handyman roles tend to be easier to fill, you may discover a local labour shortage when recruiting for jobs like plumbers and landscape gardeners.  
Outsourcing takes all the hard work out of recruiting. Furthermore, you don’t need to budget for ongoing salaries for maintenance professionals you don’t require the services constantly. Finally, you won’t need to shell out additional equipment and resources to fulfil your maintenance obligations.  

3. Tackle Liability Concerns 

If you’re worried about risk and liability, using a third-party facilities manager is a good idea. In the event of an accident or fire, a facilities manager will quickly take charge of the situation. In the event of an incident at business premises, a designated manager will quickly determine that all employees are safe and accounted for. This mitigates the chance of personal injury and costly damage to your property. If you’re worried about keeping on top of liability issues, outsourcing premises maintenance makes your life easier.  

4. Confidence in Quality Assurance 

One of the main advantages of using the services of a facility is increased confidence in quality assurance. A third-party team will promptly take care of all repairs and maintenance work, delivering first-rate results every time. A facility manager will ensure that any work carried out by hired subcontractors is done to a high standard, meaning you can expect consistent delivery, every time.  

5. Enhanced Site Security 

Outsourcing facility management work to a third party brings you peace of mind as far as quality control is concerned. This is particularly useful when it comes to things like security systems. A dedicated maintenance team will ensure systems are constantly working as they should. Any repair jobs will be quickly implemented, ensuring your systems are running optimally and your premises are as safe as possible.  

6. KPI Tracking Made Simple 

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are an essential monitoring metric for every business. Tracking KPIs ensures that your objectives are consistently achieved. In the case of maintenance teams, you can use KPIs to monitor performance and produce exhaustive reports. With these in place, you can quickly identify scope for refinement, allowing you to improve service level agreements with clients and customers.  

7. Streamlined Operation 

Outsourcing your maintenance tasks will make your day-to-day operations run far more smoothly. Without having to rely on in-house teams, you won’t need to commit to finding the latest tools and equipment to undertake jobs. New working processes to increase efficiency will also be implemented, without you ever having to lift a finger. If you’re using a full-service management provider, these benefits are even more significant.  

8. A Flexible Approach 

When it comes to facility and premises management, flexibility is important. When you choose to outsource, you benefit from an incredible level of flexibility that can be tailored toward your individual needs and changing requirements. An outsourced approach means you’re not locked into specific times and dates, minimising the impact of a busy schedule. Furthermore, you can refine service selection to ensure you’re only using the resources you need. This increases efficiency and helps keep expenditure in check.  

9. Bolster Your Business Reputation 

No matter how small or large your operation, business reputation is crucial in ensuring continued success. Inconsistent delivery of services can quickly lead to a damaged reputation with customers. A tarnished reputation will significantly limit your chance of securing new customers. Furthermore, you’re unlikely to retain contracts when they come up for renewal. By outsourcing work to a management team, you can be confident that you’re delivering an unfailing level of professionalism to customers. This will help you protect your existing reputation and build on it further.  

10. Support Business Expansion Efforts 

An outsourced approach to facilities management will free up resources that can be better spent elsewhere. If you’re eager to expand your operation, these unrestricted resources can help you realise your goals. As your reputation grows, so too will your client base.  

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What is a Facility Management Company? 

A facilities management company is a multi-disciplined maintenance provider that ensures premises remain functional and comfortable for users. Facility management companies can provide services that are vital in ensuring the proper maintenance and management of physical building structures. Most companies also offer a range of so-called soft services, encompassing everything from pest control to grounds maintenance. 

What is Hard Facilities Management? 

Generally speaking, hard facilities management usually relates to the physical structures of premises. These structures have a direct impact on the health and wellbeing of employees and occupants, so proper upkeep is essential. Hard facilities management usually includes things like fire safety systems, gas and heating systems, electrical systems, and general building maintenance work.  

What is Soft Facilities Management? 

They refer to less permanent aspects of a building. They’re associated with aesthetic elements and services that make a space more comfortable for users. Soft facilities maintenance services can include things like decorating, landscaping and grounds maintenance, waste management, pest control, and more. 

What Does Facilities Management Include? 

Facilities management tends to include a combination of hard and soft facilities management services. Services required by law include maintenance and upkeep of things like electrical systems, plumbing and heating, safety systems, and more. Common soft facilities management services include waste management, pest control, car parking provision, and aesthetic maintenance.