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Brosnan Property Solutions (BPS) provides Property Maintenance to companies throughout Ireland. . 


Property Maintenance

Brosnan Property Solutions have established an excellent reputation in Property 

Maintenance, providing professional Property Maintenance to a wide range of sectors, including but not limited to: Government Departments, Nursing homes, Dental clinics, Commercial, Industrial and the Domestic sector (apartment blocks, rental properties).  

The team at BPS take immense pride in not only delivering the highest quality workmanship but also in enhancing the aesthetic appearance and environmental health-being of our clients’ properties. We believe that our sense of achievement derives from knowing that we have made a positive effect on the industry that we service.  

To grant our clients’ peace of mind, all our services are fully accredited and carry the highest level of insurance to protect you and your property. With your safety in mind, we ensure that all BPS staff are uniform and always carry ID badges. Furthermore, all our operations staff must be Garda vetted as required on many public contracts, maintaining utmost trustworthiness which has been a crucial factor when cultivating our strong, dependable team. 

Brosnan Property Solutions have been proudly serving commercial clients across the country with offices in Cork and Dublin. BPS have been operating for over 20 years with a superb reputation commensurate with our devote dedication to quality services for our valued clients.  

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Technical Services Ireland

Personalized BPS Property Maintenance Services: 

Make Brosnan Property Solutions your main port of call, whatever property maintenance you may require. Through our maintenance division, Brosnan Property Solutions provides the following property maintenance services with qualified tradesmen for our commercial clients: electrical, carpentry, plumbing and drainage, air conditioning, shutters and doors, signage, flooring, glazing, fire systems and extinguishers, locksmiths and sales, cleaning services, pest control and water removal, landscaping and tree maintenance. 

About Brosnan’s

Why BPS?

Accredited Professional Services

All our services are carried out by trained, professional tradespeople who carry all relevant qualifications to carry out trade work safely and legally. Moreover, our staff are uniformed and carry ID badges so that the tenants, visitors, and employees can clearly identify them. Operations staff are also Garda vetted which is a requirement on many public contracts.

Fully-Insured Property Maintenance Solutions

All work carried out on your property carries with it a certain level of risk. Although all reasonable amount of diligence is used to minimise risk, it is important that anyone working on your property has adequate insurance should anything go wrong, our property maintenance services all come with the highest level of insurance for this reason.

Experience and Reputation

With over 20 years of experience serving commercial clients, Brosnan Property Solutions has garnered an impressively positive reputation amongst property maintenance companies in Ireland. We like to put the satisfaction of our clients first, so rest assured your needs and expectations will be our top priority throughout the entire process.

Precision Management, Unparalleled Performance

Our Property Management Services


Our professional landscaping services enhance property aesthetics, promoting tidiness and curb appeal while preventing weed and pest issues. We provide hedge trimming, whipper snipper, soil treatment, and lawn care for a vibrant property. Contact our maintenance team for details.


Ensuring your electrical system stays operational is crucial, from maintaining lights to running kitchen appliances. We offer a range of services from small fixes to extensive installations. Visit us for electrical services.


Comprehensive carpentry services for commercial clients, from minor repairs to pressure cleaning siding. Domestic services include desk and patio cleaning, staining, construction, outdoor furniture refurbishment, and more, with additional painting services available.

Shutters & Doors

Ensure your doors match your security needs. From robust security doors for high-risk areas to interior glass doors, we inspect, maintain, repair, and install to keep your property secure. Trust Brosnan for safety and quality.

Plumbing and Drainage

Our accredited plumbing services, backed by RGI-certified plumbers, cover comprehensive repairs and installations across Ireland, including gas fittings and boilers. Brosnan offers solutions for all plumbing needs, from drains to complex issues.

Air Conditioning & Heating

Proper ventilation and heating efficiency are crucial for saving energy costs. We offer comprehensive HVAC services, including inspections, diagnostics, and repairs, ensuring your system operates efficiently and effectively.

Additional Property Management Services:

Need an old tree stump removed? Tree roots can extend deep, posing challenges. Trust professionals for stump grinding or relocation to avoid damaging underground services. Contact our property maintenance team for expert tree care.

Protect your property from pests like insects, rodents, and birds with our effective pest control services. We also offer water removal for flooded areas, ensuring your space remains safe and secure.

Maintain a hygienic business environment with our thorough cleaning services. Our staff follows strict guidelines to disinfect high-touch areas, ensuring your property remains safe from germs and infections.

Explore our locksmith services designed for property security. Our experts install, repair, and calibrate mechanical and digital locks, manage access systems, relocate safes securely, and ensure your property remains safe and protected.
Ensure compliance with fire safety regulations in Ireland. Our services include fire system inspections, maintenance, and replacement of fire extinguishers. Protect your property and comply with insurance and safety laws effectively.

Enhance energy efficiency with our tailored window glazing solutions. From in situ installations to retrofitting double-glazed windows, optimize heat retention and minimize heat loss. Contact our property maintenance team for expert advice today.

Brand new floors are an excellent investment and can add beauty and durability to any space, so have your flooring replaced on installed with qualified tradespeople. When it comes to flooring installation, the choice of texture and species (for hardwood floors) or material matters, but the most important consideration is the quality of the installation itself. Our property maintenance team will allocate professional tradespeople to get the job done right.

Commercial signage serves to inform, direct, or warn visitors and guests your property. Keeping your signage clear and visible at all ties helps to avoid miscommunication. We provide services for signage including cleaning and servicing as well as electrical maintenance for backlit and LED signage.

Property Maintenance Services: FAQ:

Property maintenance is the upkeep of a commercial or domestic property, including maintenance works either on an ad hoc basis or through routine inspections. This can be carried out by the property owner, but often the amount of ongoing work makes it easier to let an outside agency specialising in property maintenance carry out these tasks on their behalf. 

No matter who performs property maintenance, it’s important for upholding the appearance and kerb appeal of the property as well as maintaining high rental yields, capital gains, and resale value of the property. It can also mitigate the cost of expensive repairs since problems can be identified and remedied quickly and efficiently. 

Many property maintenance companies carry out work such as removing leaves, general cleaning, painting, and repairs as needed. A good property maintenance contract should include additional services such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC, landscaping, pest control, and inspection services to keep the property in good working order. 

Perhaps the most important factor to consider when choosing a property maintenance company is value. What exactly are they providing for your money? Also consider their client portfolio, reputation, terms of the contract, proximity, and ancillary services. 

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