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Solutions that succeed by design, not luck.



Strategic Outsourcing

Successful outsourcing, and, outsourcing that drives transformation, requires companies to follow a disciplined process that keeps them focused on taking the right steps and making the right decisions. The BPS outsourcing approach combines all the elements required to ensure their solution succeeds by design, not luck.


The BPS approach to this design is to focus on main dimensions of the outsourcing process that companies must progress through. In an ever more competitive world, companies need to take full advantage of the tools at their disposal — and outsourcing is a significant one.

BPS works through their partnership approach to:
 Identifying what should and shouldn’t be outsourced
 Assisting in identifying key requirements from the outsource contract
 Develop the contracting process and support vendor selection
 Develop and implement performance management metrics


To ensure the success of Strategic Outsourcing through the implementation of the correct design and delivery, BPS utilises the expertise of their own Strategic Outsourcing Managers. This self-delivery approach ensures the partnership is always maintained and allows BPS to provide the highest quality solution right through to the delivery of the strategy.

Once our solutions are in place, our Strategic Outsourcing Managers perform benchmarking exercises and business improvement programmes to ensure we deliver continuous improvement and achieve the highest level of customers satisfaction

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