Technical Services in Ireland

Brosnan Property Solutions provides expert technical services to companies throughout Ireland. 


Technical Services Ireland

Flexible Technical Support

We offer professional, bespoke technical services throughout Ireland. By employing experienced teams that are local to you, Brosnan Property Solutions ensures timely support and excellent response times to your technical issues. 

At BPS, you can also work with our in-house team of highly skilled staff. With our self-delivery capability, we can be agile and flexible, with minimal reliance upon third party organisations. 

About Brosnan’s

Personalised Technical Services

Make Brosnan Property Solutions your main port of call, whatever technical services you may require. We offer a personalised service – whether on a one-off basis with a stand-alone solution, or as part of our more regular Facility Management Service offering. 

Whether you require one-off equipment checks, continuous condition monitoring, remote service, or regular inspections, let our service experts take care of it. You can even outsource your complete maintenance operations to us, for the best results in the continuation of business. 

Why Businesses Trust BPS?

Trained Staff

All staff are trained in the highest qualifications required for technical services. Whether HVAC installation, door and site access system maintenance, or electrical testing, we’ll send you the best of the best.

Excellent Results

With Brosnan Property Solutions, you’re in good hands. We operate with the goal of delivering the best possible results. When embarking on a new project, our staff keeps you informed, from end-to-end.

Do It Your Way

At Brosnan Property Solutions, we offer client-focused technical services. This means that we work with your requirements at the forefront of the process, giving you full autonomy through the process.

Precision Management, Unparalleled Performance

Our Technical Services

Business Insulation Solutions

Our business insulation analysis provides tailored solutions for combating heat loss. We also offer frost protection and condensation control in industrial pipework and ducting for your office building. This also includes HVAC installation and servicing.

Fire Protection Plans

Our trained technical service teams can aid in installing fire protection plans. These plans are designed to meet current standards and regulations, focusing on structural steel, service penetrations, barriers, and partition systems.

Door and Site Access Systems and Equipment

We offer full installation and servicing for intercoms, access control systems, automated barriers, and roller shutter doors.

Electrical Installations and Testing

Comprehensive services ensuring safe and efficient electrical systems through installation and meticulous testing procedures. We also offer Portable Appliance Testing – or PAT, both on and off-site.

Intruder, Fire Alarm, and Emergency Lighting System

Full installations, minor alterations to existing systems, and scheduled maintenance contracts compliant with current IS standards.

Maintenance and Building Services Contracts

Internal lamping service and repairs, external high-level street lighting and estate lighting maintenance, and small works repairs to locks, doors, and other services.

Mechanical Installations and Testing

Expert mechanical installations and testing for optimal performance and reliability in industrial and commercial settings.

PA Systems

Installation and servicing for audio, public address, and induction loop systems, catering to both standard and DDA compliance needs.

Technical Services – FAQs:

Technical services and support can include various activities, such as maintenance in a building. A technician can be employed to install new systems and equipment – from larger-scale items like new door access systems, to new office furniture. A technician can also check locations for safety compliance, ensuring that a building is up to technical standards. 

Generally, different technical service teams are trained to take on different tasks. For example, a technical service team that’s well-versed in electrical installation and testing may not be qualified to work in building maintenance at services. Because of this, you should always research a technical service team before issuing a contract.  

Technical Services refer to contracted services with tangible physical outcomes, such as building surveys, maintenance, and construction or installation of different systems. This is usually done via a licensed contractor. However, some businesses may opt for in-house services, and have a dedicated team to assist with this. 

Hiring a technical service contractor depends on the size and scale of your business. If you own or rent out a building for your business, then this could be a worthwhile decision. Many technical service contractors operate a 24/7 helpline, and therefore, can be an indispensable addition to any business – no matter the issue. 

Get Professional Technical Services Today!

Discover the advantages of technical property services by contacting Brosnan Property Solutions now. Reach out to us at either our Cork office (1850 911939) or Dublin office (1850 911939), and our welcoming team member will gladly address your inquiries. Additionally, we offer facility management services for our commercial clientele, along with property services encompassing cleaning, landscaping, carpentry, and beyond.