Why Outsource Cleaning Services

Why Outsource Cleaning Services?

Why outsource cleaning services? Should a company outsource or hire an in-house team? Which will cost more? Will in-house need continuous training? Will an in-house team reach regulatory standards adhered to by the government? Many companies ask themselves these questions, wondering which of the two options to take. From our experience as a facility management company that has a specialisation in cleaning services, we can say that many companies of all sizes outsource their services to experts such as Brosnan Property Solutions.

When you outsource your cleaning services, you gain many advantages. You are no longer responsible for organising and paying a team of cleaners. In addition, your premises are professionally cleaned which far surpasses any in house performance. Outsourced cleaning offers an enormous range of targeted solutions that an in-house team can’t compete with. This includes regular cleaning, specialised deep cleaning and complex industrial cleaning.

Outsourced cleaning teams also use their wide range of advanced equipment for a meticulous finish. They are highly trained professionals. They are experts who can quickly identify which methods to use to provide a superb level of hygiene and there is also the benefit of experienced managers being on hand to ensure a streamlined, efficient service. Your own in-house team can’t match the reliability, quality or speed of outsourced services without the availability of continuous training.

With Brosnan Property Solutions, you’ll benefit from our experience of over twenty-five years of providing professional cleaning services. We serve all types of commercial, industrial, healthcare and residential sectors. So, what are some of the benefits?

Save Money

A prime benefit of outsourced cleaning is that your business saves money. If you tried to match the range of services with your own in the house team, you would find it expensive. Cleaning is usually carried out in short sessions at specific times of the day. A company that opts with an in-house team would be responsible for funding extensive training and wages. However, when you outsource, all the expenses and responsibilities of running a cleaning team are taken care of. An outsourced company pays for staff training, wages and insurance. You don’t have to provide uniforms or personal protective equipment (PPE) as these are the responsibility of the outsourced party.

Outsourcing means only worrying about an affordable contract fee. It’s a streamlined arrangement that’s cost-effective for you and your business. Brosnans invest in advanced equipment as we have many contracts in place at once therefore the cost is justified.

Why outsource cleaning services with Brosnan’s? We provide a professional, cost-effective solution that saves your business money.

Save Time

Why Outsource Cleaning Services

Your company will also benefit by saving time. If you need additional staff at short notice, an outsourced company such as Brosnan’s can provide them. You benefit from having access to many fully trained cleaning operatives who are efficient and experienced. As professionals, they work at speed to complete tasks in the shortest time frame but to the highest standard.

Unfortunately for many businesses, your own in-house department is unlikely to be as large or have the same resources. When you outsource, you benefit from a high-quality, bespoke service. Brosnan’s cleaning services are perfect for the commercial, residential and healthcare sectors.

Your flexible contract can be on weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. The schedules, times and length of cleaning sessions are completely flexible.

Access to High-End Equipment

Why Outsource Cleaning Services

An in-house team usually provides general cleaning services. But outsourced teams receive additional training for specialised procedures. These include the methods carried out in medical cleaning services. You benefit from advanced methods without the expense of paying for training. When you use Brosnan’s, you’ll benefit from a wide range of specialised, medical cleaning services at a cost-effective price.

Outsourced professional teams provide superb solutions where specific guidelines and standards need to be met. Many of Brosnan’s contracts are within the health care sector.

Every Inch is Cleaned

Outsourcing business and office cleaning services are tailored to suit your business. You’ll benefit from having the right number of operatives to suit the size and needs of your business. For instance, an estate agent in a high street location requires only a single operative. A multi-storey office complex needs several small teams.

Whatever your requirements, Brosnan’s offers flexible, affordable, solutions including deep cleaning services It targets every fixture and fittings such as light switches, electrical plugs and door handle. Equipment such as computer keyboards, photocopiers and tills are thoroughly and hygienically cleaned.

Your entire office including floors, carpets, windows, shelves and filing cabinets too. The service can be suitably adapted for all types of businesses including restaurants and cafes. Whatever type of business you run, Brosnan Property Solutions can provide bespoke, high-end services that won’t miss an inch.

Why Outsource Cleaning Services

You gain many benefits from outsourced cleaning. It’s flexible, affordable and cost-effective. The outsourced company, such as Brosnans takes all the responsibility of hiring, training and paying staff. Your property is cleaned for you using advanced equipment and every inch of your property will be spotless.

From residential to commercial properties, we provide a wide range of solutions. We have fully trained operatives for specialised areas including industrial and medical cleaning services. Brosnan’s has the resources to provide a team with advanced equipment and supplies.

When you need professional cleaning services, in Cork, you can trust Brosnan Property Solutions.  We are one of the most trusted companies Cork has to offer. Call us now! We’ll discuss an affordable, bespoke contract that’s tailored to your exact requirements. Brosnan Property Solutions also provide other solution such as facility management services, project management, outsourcing and property maintenance. Some of these fall into our cleaning service.