why is facility management important

Why is Facility Management Important?

Why is facility management important to businesses? Regardless of whether you operate within the retail, hospitality, or administration sectors, facilities management services (FM) can transform your operation. It ensures staff and site visitors benefit from a clean and inviting space, while also providing the perfect environment for productivity.

In broad terms, FM refers to several integrated processes that help a business deliver products or services to clients. A key aspect of FM is efficiency, which can, for instance, help slash running costs and bolster profit margins.

A typical facilities manager will have a far-reaching remit. They’ll need to ensure your company is adhering to health and safety regulations, as well as adhering to the latest EU regulation. They may also need to monitor your sustainability credentials, ensuring your operation is driving toward a net-zero future.

What’s more, all of this will need to be fulfilled on a budget. If you’re struggling to handle facilities management internally, it’s definitely time to consider bringing in the support of an experienced provider.

At Brosnan Property Solutions, we’ve been leading the way in the FM sector for many years. Looking to learn more about why FM is so important? Read on for everything you need to know.

Why Is Facility Management Important in 2022?

FM Lets You Plan for the Future

Why is Facility Management important for long-term planning? Any business owner wants to see their organisation thrive and expand. However, fledgling operations tend to struggle when it comes to strategic planning.

First, an experienced FM will help you nail down a plan to achieve your objectives. “Whether it’s short-term goals or long-term milestones, a seasoned FM will help you plan economically, while ensuring productivity levels remain high,” says Ray Brosnan, the Managing Director of Brosnan Property Solutions.

In short, if you’re looking to achieve sustainable growth, there’s no getting away from the importance of facility management.

Helps You Take Charge of Everyday Operations

A good FM will be closely involved in the everyday operation of your business. Typical duties include taking inventory and ordering supplies, as well as managing core services like cleaning, recycling and landscaping.

All health and safety procedures will be taken care of, while you won’t have to worry about investing your own time into ensuring your business facilities are adhering to the latest guidance and legislation.

Why is facility management important if you already have a handle on these things? A dedicated manager will provide you and your teams with the tools you need to perform more efficiently, with minimal disruption to your daily duties.

Improves Efficiency

Investing in property maintenance can dramatically improve the efficiency of your operation. With your facilities effectively managed, you minimise disruptions to workflows that can impede productivity.

Even something as simple as a handyman not having to waste hours sourcing materials and supplies can streamline your operation. More importantly, FM can help you preempt problems before they become an actual issue.

This can include everything from ensuring restrooms are properly stocked with hygiene supplies, to predicting equipment failures that might cause business-critical disruptions.

It Streamlines Workflows and Cuts Costs

By improving efficiency and boosting productivity with proper FM, almost every business will enjoy cost-saving benefits. It also could be something as simple as creating a safe and comfortable environment for employees, which naturally leads to increased morale and improved productivity.

However, the cost-saving potential of FM can be more significant. If you’re focusing on preventative maintenance, you can anticipate any issues long before they become a problem. By tackling minor problems before they become a major cause for concern, you mitigate outgoings on repair work. What’s more, you can prevent unwanted downtime that can put a sizable dent in your margins.

Maintenance, Repairs and Site Security

The remit of a facilities manager can be extensive. It generally involves overseeing maintenance and repairs of business premises. However, it may also include supervising security for your sites. By safeguarding your site against unauthorised access, you can be confident that your workforce and physical assets are protected at all times.

Some FMs are tasked with focusing on a specific area, while others will need to oversee the entire premises. Typical duties include carrying out regular assessments of buildings and assets. These assessments will flag whether repair work needs to be carried out. If it does, the work will be scheduled and completed promptly.

Helps You Make the Right First Impression

If you’re regularly welcoming clients and visitors to your premises, creating a good first impression is crucial. Have you neglected roof repairs and external damage to your building? Is it time to call in landscape gardeners to whip your grounds into shape? These aesthetic concerns do not directly impact your workflows, but they’ll hit the wrong note with prospective clients.

Why is FM important in this respect? By outsourcing FM to an experienced provider, you don’t have to let these minor issues get on top of you. You can concentrate on more pressing matters as remedial works are carried out on your premises. Additionally, you can rest assured that levels of cleanliness aren’t left to slip.

Health and Safety?

Every business should have robust health and safety procedures in place. These not only ensure the well-being of your employees but also protects members of the public and site visitors. Typically, a facilities manager will take charge of the health and safety process, ensuring nothing is left to chance.

Some with experience in facility project management will carry out in-depth risk assessments that are tailored to your workplace. Once this is done, they’ll create a bespoke set of health and safety procedures to mitigate risk and reduce the number of potential hazards in your workplace.

The role of a facilities manager is an evolving one. In fact, an experienced professional will be able to keep track of your current health and safety procedures, making changes where necessary and ensuring you’re always in line with the latest legislation.

FM Keeps You Compliant

Smaller businesses may find it a challenge to remain fully compliant. At a bare minimum, you’ll need to keep up with the latest national regulatory standards. However, enterprise-level organisations may also need to comply with international standards, as well as industry-specific ones.

Why is facility management important? Keeping on top of all these regulations is extremely difficult without dedicated FM. As well as ensuring health and safety regulations are adhered to, a facilities manager will ensure any compliance data is accurately correlated exactly when it needs to be.

Allows To Make a Commitment to Sustainability

More businesses than ever are committing to a carbon-neutral future. To achieve this objective, organisations need to be sustainable. A sustainable operation isn’t just good for the environment; in fact, it’s critical if you’re looking to build a more eco-conscious corporate image.

Many businesses will struggle to make the shift to a sustainable operation without outside help. Why is facility management important here? An experienced FM professional can bring best practice guidance to help you make the right changes to your day-to-day operations.

FM Fills Knowledge and Resource Gaps

If you’re managing facilities internally, you can’t always guarantee that issues will get the attention they need. This not only puts employees and visitors at risk, but it can also derail your operation and lead to extended periods of downtime.

An FM will hit the ground running, bringing industry-leading insights and multi-sector experience to the table. Armed with this repertoire of insights, they’ll be able to handle complex issues and deliver reliable asset management.

Why is facility management important even if you’re confident in the abilities of internal teams? A professional coming in from the outside brings a broader skill set. Even if they’ve only worked within a single industry, they’ll have extensive experience in identifying problematic patterns and trends. These insights are vital in identifying risk factors before they hurt your business.

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